Here comes fall...

>> Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Over the weekend look what I found in my mailbox!! It has been sitting and patiently waiting for me to have the time and undivided attention to peruse it.

A quick scan told me that I liked quite a few of the patterns and despite my frustration with my El Sol pullover I am planning to cast on for a few of the projects. I am already excited for autumn. I am anxiously waiting for my Interweave fall issue and am craving cool crisp afternoons to knit in. I love all the seasons and as each one comes along I convince myself this is my favorite but as the next one comes around I quickly change to that one. The holidays will be here before I know it and so I have been quietly working on a few things for Christmas. An advent calendar that I will share with you when it is further along, and some presents for loved ones. I know it's only August but if I don't get going on some of these things then I won't get them done. I found a couple things for the kids, a pullover for my husband and multiple other presents. My list of to-do's in the knitting category is getting quite long. But since it still is summer I am going to pack my magazine in a bag, my kids in car seats, a little sunscreen, and a lunch and head to the beach.
By the way....
My El Sol pullover is not coming along as hoped. I need to finish the contrast edging and sew in the little stragglers but I don't think this sweater is going to be hitting the fashion runways anytime soon. I don't know if I just used fuzzy math or if it is a combination of fuzzy math and too thick yarn....all I know is that this would be a great maternity sweater for me (and I'm not pregnant) and still probably have room. I'll finish it up and post my pictures for all to see. If I had the heart I would rip it out and do something else with it but I am sick of playing with it and want it off my needles.
Maybe it will be a good camping sweater?? Warm, and roomy. We'll see.


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