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>> Wednesday, August 4, 2010

While this is mainly a knitting blog there are times when a little crossover happens.  Some discussions about food and recipes, family and of course one of my more dreaded domestic duties...housecleaning.

I have mentioned my love for the flylady website.  One of her recommended daily chores is a quick wipe down of the master bathroom.  Now while I will admit to not adhering to this in the strict daily sense I have been wiping down the bathrooms on my house a couple to few times a week.  This may seem like a lot of bathroom cleaning but my bathroom, the largest, takes on average 4 minutes.  The first two minutes I am brushing my teeth while I spray down and wipe the mirror and spray and wipe party of the counter/sinks.  Then a quick swish of mouthwash while I finish the counter and spray down the toilet area.  One last minute and the toilet and floors have been given a quick wash. 

Speaking from the experience of practicing this housecleaning tip for the last six months.....when all else in life is chaotic, the house is a mess, sibling fights, whatever; walking into your sparkly clean bathroom kind of melts the rest of the chaos away.  Clean counters, mirrors, sink etc....can make all the difference at the end of a rough day. 

So back to the topic at hand namely knitting.  I needed some clean wash rags to keep stacked in the bathrooms, not to mention that I have to finish seaming a cardigan and work out some details on my whisper cardigan so in order to avoid that I cast on for these washrags.

I have a cupboard full of torn towels, and t-shirts that are my usual rags but since these rags sit out, ever at the ready for a quick clean, I wanted something a little more aestetically pleasing.

The quickest easiest pattern.  Found here on ravelry (free).  Just the kind of knit I needed while we were tooling around town shopping for a new washing machine (got one).  I chose white so that they would match anything and I can throw them in the wash with a little bleach and make sure they are really clean.  Not a terribly exciting knit but sometimes function wins over form.

Now I am off to seaming hell to finish a cardian for myself.  Hoping to have it finished to share with you all this weekend.


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