Some mitts for my girl

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

Well after the flurry of mitt knitting last May my daughter requested some for her. So what was I to do but cast on.

They have been approved for all sorts of activities like bike riding
Potion making
And some unapproved activities like painting at a friends house :)
And of course after I knit up one pair she requested another and another and another. I am expecting to have a rainbow of colors knit up very soon for her.

Here is the link. It is a free pattern and incredibly fast and easy to knit. I used Cascade 220 superwash, a superb fiber for children knits. Both pairs have been washed and dried (in the dryer) many times and are holding up beautifully.
P.S. The yarn I used for my newsboy cap was Blue Sky Alpacas 100% alpaca sportweight. Luscious yarn.


The New Year

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy new year to you all! It is the first month of the new year and after a lot of lazing around with my family after the holidays I feel full of energy. Being as it is the new year there is usually a lot of resolutions being made. I prefer to call them intentions because then there is no sense of failure if/when I slip up. I am very excited for this year and my intention is going to be to not waste. Period. Not waste .....

my time- I want to spend my time. If I am being lazy then relish the nothingness. Not just spend time but fill it. Actively. Knitting projects, sewing projects, playing mindfully with my children, really enjoying each moment.
food-I want to buy and cook food with the least amount of waste and really compost what I can. Not just when I think about it but really do it. Plan my meals. Cook mindfully. Prepare in volume and freeze for later.

my body-Exercise this body of mine. It is healthy and strong and I shouldn't waste this time while I am on the youngish side. Keep it healthy and strong for when I get older.

yarn/fabric-I want to make things that are either beautiful or will be used. If I make it and it doesn't fit into either category than rip-rip.

I think you get the idea. With this in mind here is my first project for 2010. I turned this

into this.
The Hannah Newsboy Hat (ravelry link).

I didn't wear the cowl ever and I really needed a carpool hat for the days when I can't quite get it together before we get out the door. This is my solution to feeling just a bit more put together. It was very easy to knit and the pattern comes with a lot of different ways to make the hat. Multiple bands, and hat tops can be mixed and matched and then just add the brim. I will definitely be making more.
The only part I am not particularly thrilled with is the brim. It was torn out out and redone twice and I think this is as good as it will get. Maybe my next one will turn out a little better.

I hope you are all off to a wonderful start for 2010!!


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