Halloween is almost here

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

I am in full Halloween mode over here. Two costumes (still not finished) and two trick or treat bags (also not finished). Everything is in bits and pieces. One almost finished costume and one not even started costume. I'm not seeing much sleep this week. We also have three parties and one dance class, in costume, before the big event so I am really under the gun.

Since I have so much to do in my sewing room I made some mitts. The same info as these mitts which I gave away as a present so of course I had to knit some up for myself. I love them!!
We're back to the procrastinating.
I'm also still working on my clasica coat. I have the back, both fronts and almost one sleeve finished. The hood is knit with onto the fronts and back so all I have to do is finish the sleeves and then seam the hell out of that puppy and I think we all remember how much I love seaming. Yep those bears are still in pieces.
So as we count down to Halloween don't worry about me I'll be the one drowning in fabric...



>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello all and happy October. Just a little late getting into this month. I'm finding with the wind down of warm weather and more activities to go to with school back in session I'm having to budget time better. I feel much like that leaf, one foot still planted in the warm weather and carefree days of summer and the other in the cool crisp days of fall.

This month the EZ knit-a-long was a polo type pullover. Complete with v-neck and collar. Not really my thing so I skipped yet another month. I am still working feverishly on my clasica coat because I want to wear it as soon as possible. In between sections on my coat I have stopped and worked on a couple of other small projects just to give myself the satisfaction of finishing something. The clasica coat is pretty but there appears to be a lot of finishing in my future...ugh.

So while I figure out my autumn routine, work on my coat, and sew some Halloween costumes, I am going to enjoy my day (because it is raining which I love) and peruse the latest addition to my knitting library.

A lovely book with great anecdotal stories from the author, beautiful knits, and much to my surprise a lot of discussion regarding the designing of knits. I can't wait to read it more thoroughly. I hope you are all enjoying your October.


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