Flower Washcloths

>> Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The wedding came off without a hitch and was spectacular!! I am going to need a few days to unpack and go through photos to post. In the meantime here is my next project.

I'm cracking open my Weekend Knitting book for a present for my sister-in-laws birthday. I love this book. The pictures are fabulous and it has quite a few projects I have made or want to make.

I decided on the flower washcloths. I am going to get some pretty soaps and lotions and call it good.

I got this wonderful 100% cotton chenille from http://www.yarnmarket.com/ and it is soft and I think it will be perfect for the washcloths. Now that my clutch and wrap are finished I will be working on this. I am still working away at the hooded cardigan slowly but surely. Since it is just for me and not a present I am using it as a filler project. I brought it with me for the wedding weekend but didn't get much work done. Since it is a lot of back and forth it's a great knit for taking places as I can still chat with friends and pay attention to the world around me. Take care all.


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