>> Sunday, May 11, 2008

When I first created this blog I did nothing more then sign up for the account and then sit and wait for divine inspiration to descend upon me in the form of small anecdotes and interesting knitting tidbits that I could impart. As I said earlier I was not a blogger peruser or writer when I first created this site. And so it has sat untouched for almost a year. I wasn't completely lazy during that time I gave birth to my son and stayed busy juggling a newborn and a toddler all with a husband in grad school (I don't recommend that schedule to anyone). Back to my point, in the last few months I have started reading a blog. Not a knitting blog, just the blog of an author I enjoy. It started out with wanting to look up more information about her and when I googled her her website came up, it is a daily blog. Along with her blogs she has other information but I found myself glued to her blog. My morning routine now subsists of stumbling from bed, getting a cup of coffe and logging in to her blog. I read it everyday. Since this newest addition to my daily routine I have decided to start writing my own blog and sharing my trials and tribulations and maybe some good tips now and then about knitting. Since quitting the corporate world and staying home with my kids I have found at times that I crave adult interaction and my husband, while extremely supportive, doesn't want to sit and discuss the latest knitting book I picked up or if I should add a cable in my current project. I'm hoping that people will find and enjoy what they find here and maybe my world can expand a little more. Until next time...


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