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>> Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hi all!

This is my first time blogging. I have never been one to read blogs but my sister is an avid blog surfer and she encouraged me to start my own blog in an effort to be more involved in the knitting community.

I have two children a daughter age 3 and a one year old son, and since having children I decided to take up knitting. It wasn't a completely random decision. My grandmother had taught me and my sister how to crochet and knit, respectively. So I decided that I wanted to be a mom who could knit her kids sweaters and scarves. Of course the picture in my head had me turning out beautifully crafted fair-isle sweaters every Saturday afternoon. Somehow that picture wasn't quite the reality when I bought a kit at Target for $9 and started on my first scarf.

I was surprised at how confused and turned around I got. I had to keep pausing the DVD and rewinding to watch the differences between purling and knitting. Once I had mastered stockinette stitch I decided that I knew it all and purchased the materials to make this helmet liner http://www.helmetliner.com/.

WOW. Not easy. Needless to say for a novice knitter probably not my best idea for a first time project. After A LOT of tearing out and redoing here is the end result.

My loving husband wears it out fishing in the winter time. Hopefully it isn't like a teenager who wears Grandma's handmade Xmas sweater out the door on her way to school and quickly changes out of it as soon as she is out of sight of her home....

More next time.

Postscript: I don't have a picture of my first scarf from the Target kit because my daughter seized it upon completion and it made it's way into her dress-up box and has since disappeared. Gone to the land of "lost toys" I'm sure (which for those of you don't know is the box of toys that are too dirty, destroyed, or just plain annoying to keep around and so they are gathered up and thrown out while the kids sleep). Later when questioned of their whearabouts a vague, "Gee honey I don't know it must be lost" is said by their mother with her fingers crossed behind her back and a silent apology for the small lie.


Anonymous February 19, 2014 at 3:48 AM  


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