One Vote

>> Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is not a forum for political discussions in my opinion. It is a place I like to disappear too and find inspiration and entertainment.

None-the-less this is a very important day for all Americans so I leave you with one vote...

In 1776 ONE VOTE gave America the English language instead of German
In 1800 - Thomas Jefferson was elected President by one vote in the House of Representatives after a tie in the electoral college.
In 1845 ONE VOTE brought Texas into the Union.
In 1867 - The Alaska purchase was ratified by one vote, paving the way for future statehood.
In 1868 ONE VOTE saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment
In 1876 ONE VOTE gave Rutherford D. Hayes the Presidency of the United States.
In 1876 ONE VOTE changed France from a Monarchy to a Republic.
In 1916 ONE VOTE won Woodrow Wilson the Presidency by carrying California by less than one vote per precinct.
In 1923 ONE VOTE gave Adolph Hitler leadership of the Nazi Party

Every voice counts so I urge you to vote!

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