Knit Hooded Cardigan

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008

I have had a bag of yarn that was my grandmother's sitting in my closet since she passed away. It was from her stash and I have held on to it not quite sure what to do. It isn't anything fancy and the color is just plain white. I would love to know how old it is.

I recently decided that I needed to find a pattern to work on through the summer. You know the kind that is fairly mindless with just a lot of back and forth knitting and purling. I came across this pattern and decided it was a good one to put my grandmother's yarn to use.

It's the kind of pattern I can pick up and put down, work on while watching my kids play at the beach, and it can be thrown into a bag and worked on while on a roadtrip this summer. I have never made a garment for myself before. I made a sweater for my daughter once and that is my only foray into anything beyond scarves, hats and blankets. I'll keep you posted as I work on it. Have a great weekend.


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